Autopress Pressure Filter

General Description

The Autopress Pressure Filter is used for separating moderate to poor filtering suspensions efficiently.  Media that need to be treated in closed machines for reasons of sterility, toxicity and workplace hygiene are separated safely and reliably.  If required, you may also treat the cake by washing, extraction, pressing, blow-out and drying.  Low cake thickness, complete filtration without heel volume and an exceptionally low level of residual moisture in the pre-dried cake ensure extremely high throughput rates.

The highly efficient cake washing process occurring in the Autopress produces an absolutely pure product without intermixing.  The encapsulated version (for pharmaceutical products and in GMP design) can also be used for filtering toxic or volatile media.

The autopress is made up of the following principal components:

  • horizontal stack of filter plates
  • movable filtration housing
  • scraper


Criteria:  The autopress can be used to good effect where the following process criteria need to be met:

  • Batch production
  • Several consecutive process stages
  • Closed, gas-tight production
  • Workplace hygiene and safety
  • Fully automatic operation