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Project Management Software

The PASS Technology Group Project Management System handles all aspects of Project Expenses.  Included functions are timesheet, expense sheet, and materials purchases.  Also included are the capabilities to enter trip reports, communication records and employee projections.  Time and expense information can be exported to a file and emailed to your company administrator.

A client side login is also included to allow your clients to login and monitor the financial status of their projects as well as the ability to view approved trip reports.  Contact us for a free 2  month trial of our system!

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The Employee menu allows for timesheet changes, expense sheet modifications and the creation of trip reports, communication records and work projections.   Employees can also do simple searches for timesheets, equipment and trip reports.




The Administrator menu allows for timesheet , expense, and other management reports.   Managers can add and remove employees and manage project and proposal additions and completions.  Managers are also able to approve timesheets, expense sheets and other employee entries.  Both the employee and administrator menus are available to management.


Time and mileage are handled together on the same entry screen.  Employees select a date, project and task and add the related time and mileage under the necessary day.  Editing a particular project/task combination is performed by clicking on the week ending date of the existing records in the accepted records below.


All other expenses other than mileage, are handled in the expense sheet page.  Once the date and project are selected, customized expense descriptions can be selected from a pull down menu.  Expenses are entered for the day of the charge and added to the summary below.  A paid designation is provided for charges completed with company credit cards or advances. 




Try it Free for 60 days!