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PASS Technology Group automation and factory control systems support


Pass Technology Group is always looking for great group members.   
Membership Requirements
  • Positive reference from an existing member.
  • Proven industry track record with industry references.
  • Must complete legal agreements to insure group integrity.
    Pass Technology Group provides a legal structure to enhance group teamwork.  Members do not
    have to worry about other members stealing their clients, technology, or revealing company secrets.
    The Group operated for years with the informal Gentleman's handshake; however, to be able to grow and add new best of class companies, more formal agreements are necessary.
  • Dependable and reliable.
  • Maintain PASS Technology Group standards.
Membership Benefits
  • Access to the PASS Technology Group Project Management Internet software.
    The PASS Technology Group has developed an online package to handle timesheets, expense sheets, purchase orders and other project oriented tasks.  The system allows up to date tracking of project costs and can be configured to allow clients to keep up with the current project status.
  • Increased workload due to group member workload sharing.
  • Better workload management due to availability of member support.
  • PASS Technology Group members are better able to provide their employees with a stable work environment due to the availability of quality partners to assist periodic swings in the economy.  A synergy is developed (sorry about the buzz word) that allows spikes in work to be handled by others that may be going through a slow period. 
  • Dependable and reliable external work force.  Our members only become members by recommendation of another member company.  Only quality members are allowed that understand the importance of each project success. 
  • Exposure to larger projects.  Those projects you have been missing because you are too small?  The PASS Technology Group is not small.  We can handle larger projects - or we can handle small projects.  Due to our structure, we are much more able to handle all types of project sizes.
  • Exposure to a larger variety of projects.  You say your company doesn't have a certain capability?  The PASS Technology Group is designed to fill in those holes.  With our group you can have the machine shop capability you need, the programming experience required, or the installation capacity you may want.  Flexibility is what we strive for.