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PASS Technology Group automation and factory control systems support


PASS Technology Group is a company formed to provide and enhance corporate relationships.  The focus of the company is two-fold.  Our primary focus is to develop a group of quality members that are able to benefit from each otherís capabilities.  These relationships allow access to skill sets that are not currently available in one company and also allow for the sharing of employees or workload between companies to better serve the end client and provide a more stable work place for the participating members.  In addition the group incorporates systems to simplify billing and project management for its members allowing those companies to focus on the work that they do best.  An immensely important focus is the end client.  The end client is the primary focus of any group member.  By the PASS Technology Group focusing on the needs of the individual members and enhancing their ability to serve the clients, the end client will be served at a higher level than would be possible for any of the group members alone.  Thus PASS Technology Group is an enabler that serves the end client by insuring the group members have the support required to allow them to provide superior service.