What if you could produce more product,

more accurately, more efficiently,

with less downtime, at a lower cost?

You can!  We know how!

Finally! Large company capabilities with small company service and attention!

PASS Technology Group has been operating for years as an informal network of several small industrial service companies.  Now we are active as a formal organization designed to best handle our clients every requirement.  We differ from larger companies that try to be a "jack of all trades."  Generally those  companies tend to be proficient in only one or two of their attempted capabilities.  Individually each of our companies provide a best of class capability to our clients.  The PASS Technology Group operates as the glue that binds them together as a cohesive unit that is able to be proficient in all its areas of support. 

Imagine these benefits at work for your organization:

  A one stop shop for all your requirements. 
  A level of focused competency and service that are usually only found in smaller companies!
  Flexibility and depth only found in larger companies, but with a best of class offering!

Call us for a proposal or to discuss more how we can provide better service for your needs!

Interested in being a PASS Technology Group memberContact us for information on membership requirements.  We already have access to 50 employees in PASS Technology Group!

NEW!!  Check out our product sections. 
Our member products are now available to our clients!

Project Management System:  Timesheets, Expense Sheets, Communication Reports, Trip Reports, Third party access to project status!  All in a web based format!

iSpec-DB:  Instrument Database and Specification System.  Catalog all your instruments and other similar devices in a compact format.  Designed around an ISA compatible structure, the system is flexible enough to meet a variety of needs.

iSpec-CAL:  Instrument Calibration Add On to the iSpec-DB system.  The iSpec-CAL system allows the entry and display of calibration history.




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